Agathe - Marine

Publié le 15 Janvier 2015

Agathe - Marine

L'Utopie est une bouche qui renferme un lieu charmant

Pour les Utopiens, ce monde inspire la sagesse et la liberté

Leur physique de pharaon les protège de tous les dangers

Aucun drame ne peut atteindre ce monde idéal


We have learnt that for Pieter Bruegel, the Tower of Babel is a dystopia because the monarchy is present and people are not on an equal footing. Then, Thomas More's Utopia is a linguistic utopia and he has created a utopian language. Moreover, the Tower of Babel is a story told in the Book of Genesis from the Tanakh(→ The Hebrew Bible) meant to explain the origin of different languages. There is only one language in Thomas More's Utopia. Everyone on earth speaks the same language.

We have liked the time spent with Michelle Bolduc because it was very interesting. She has told us about her story and we are impressed by the number of miles that she has made for her studies. She is a French teacher in the United States. Subsequently, she became a translator for famous French authors, she speaks so many languages as Latin, German, Spanish... We have learnt so much about Utopia too. During the activity, we translated a text by Thomas More, from Utopian to French. It was great because we made our imagination work.


Agathe and Marine

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