Maryne - Sophie

Publié le 15 Janvier 2015

Maryne - Sophie

A Utopie règnent liberté et harmonie.

De sagesse font preuve les gens ici.

Entretenez votre corps et votre esprit.

Ce que peut produire la pensée est inouï.



We have learnt that many different dialects exist in the United States, they come from the ancestors who were native from different places in the world. The fact that several languages exist in the world is explained by the mythological story of the Tower of Babel. People only had one language and understood each other so they decided to build a huge tower together to reach the sky, but God who disapproved of this idea, decided to destroy this tower, separate people and disperse them all around the world. Since there were different languages, they did not understand each other and could not build a tower anymore.



Maryne and Sophie

Rédigé par Lettres

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