Mathilde - Janick

Publié le 15 Janvier 2015

Mathilde - Janick

L'Utopie est un endroit inaccessible

Où vivent des prêtres ou des médecins de toute religion et culture.

Cultivons notre corps et notre esprit.

Un esprit sain dans un corps sain.

Mais surtout n'oublions pas d'accorder de l'importance à l'hygiène.


What we learnt


During this meeting, we learnt a lot of things, particularly about the Tower of Babel, whose myth explains translators' work. It is about separating people all around the world and the creation of different languages and customs.

We discovered another language : Esperanto and we also learnt that American people are interested in old French language.

We learnt that Thomas More created a language and a new alphabet in his book Utopia.


Our opinion


It was a great and interesting meeting and we learnt a lot of things about the work of a translator and we think that it is a very hard work because it is necessary to speak a lot of languages.

About the Tower of Babel, we respect the people who believe in it, but we don't because we think that it does not exist and that humans live separately.


Mathilde and Janick

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