Safia - Laura

Publié le 15 Janvier 2015

Safia - Laura

Utopiens et Bocciens sont pour la liberté politique.

Pour eux, la forme physique et la sagesse sont très importantes.

Ensuite, la gymnastique permet la réflexion sur la pensée.

Évidemment, la fonction du travail n'est pas que d'apprendre mais de comprendre.


What we learnt :

On that day, we learnt that translating different languages is very difficult. In fact, Mrs Bolduc, a university professor in Wisconsin (USA) said that she travelled in the Oregon, and Arizona (Phoenix) where she studied and worked. She learnt new languages. In fact, English is not the main language in every states, so she has learnt Spanish in Oregon, for example. She has travelled a lot and she has learnt a lot of different languages like Spanish, German (a little bit), French, Italian. But, she can also understand dead languages like Old French, Middle French, Old English, ...

She talked about the Tower of Babel and said that Pieter Bruegel the Elder and Sir Thomas More (Utopia) were interested in that myth. In 2008, Jacob Gautel rebuilt the Tower with books, in Strasbourg (France).

Mrs Bolduc is also a translator so she travels a lot to meet authors.

We translated a text an extract from Utopia by Sir Thomas More who created a language which is almost impossible to translate. But when we tried to translate it, we liked that because it was funny and interesting. A lot of authors wrote novels about a Utopian world, but also about dystopia.

To conclude, we think that Mrs Bolduc's job must be hard because we can not always know what the author wanted to communicate.

Safia and Laura

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