Salomé - Anna

Publié le 15 Janvier 2015

En Utopie, peu importe la langue, tout le monde en parle plusieurs.

Ici, tout le monde pratique la gymnastique intellectuelle.

Mais la gymnastique corporelle est aussi un exercice essentiel.

On voit évoluer les branches d'un fleuve paisible qui étanche la soif.


During the meeting with Mrs Bolduc who is a translator, we have learnt that lots of authors have always been fascinated by the Tower of Babel. In fact, a myth from the Bible tells how languages appeared. All men lived in Mesopotamia and built a huge tower together. God considered this act as a challenge and condemned them to live throughout the world before destroying Babel. Since that day, men have not spoken the same language anymore. The goal of a translator is to make everyone's thought understand. Then Mrs Bolduc told us about her job and about the countries she went to. We have learnt she is specialized in the French language spoken in the XIIIth century, that's why she came to France. We have translated an extract from Utopia by Sir Thomas More.

The meeting with Mrs Bolduc was really interesting, she was so clever and nice. We have learnt more about Sir Thomas More and the Tower of Babel. She speaks 4 languages and 6 dead languages. She talked to us about the American life, so now we would like to go there !!!


Salomé and Anna

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