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A great translator


On Monday, December 14th,Michelle Bolduc, an American Professor at the University of Milwaukee in the state of Wisconsin and a translator came in our class in order to talk about herself and her job as a translator but also about Thomas More and Utopia. It was very interesting and we have learnt a lot during these two hours.


She talked about her trip across the United States when she was twenty years old. We think that it is an enriching experience which helps understand the world.


Moreover, Michelle Bolduc is a translator and she speaks several languages such as German, Italian, French, Hebrew and English of course. Speaking a lot of languages is something very important for her job as a translator.


She has translated books and poems. During the last hour, we talked about the story of the Tower of Babel, what it is and we also worked together with our English and French teachers about Utopia written by Thomas More. We have discovered the Utopian language created by More. We were also asked to translate from Utopian to English and then, from English to French.


It was a great moment which has enabled us to make links with all our lessons. It was very enriching to meet someone who has traveled so much.



Mon roi et mon conquérant nommé Utopos

En prince renommé, d'une immortelle célébrité,

M'a créé une île comme il n'en existe pas d'autres,

Parfaite , rassemblant toute la richesse du monde,

Et le plaisir comme le réconfort.

Je suis la personne la moins philosophique,

Mais pourtant celle qui a construite cette ville.

Je n'ai rien de dangereux à offrir.

C'est tellement mieux de recevoir

     Je suis prêt, de tout mon cœur.


                                             Enora – Jade 1L



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