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The story of a man who is bored with life


On December 10th, I saw a play performed by the Dreampark Theatre Company.

It relates the crazy story of a British man named Richard who decides to go to Mr. Memory's show (a man with an extraordinary memory) because he is bored in his London flat. Then, he is involved in a strange secret affair. Indeed, when a fights breaks out, a mysterious woman asks him to bring her to his home. During the night, she is killed in Richard's flat but before dying she asked him to do something for her.

First and foremost, this play is really funny thanks to the talented actors. They are able to perform many different roles almost at the same time which puts the stress on their being amazing actors. Then giving the illusion of being in many different places (on a train, at the police station, in a flat ….) just with their bodies and moves and simple props is very interesting.

But, there is too much suspense and it takes to much time to understand the plot. Indeed, we do not know what the 39 steps are before the very end.

But, I recommend this play because although I did not like the plot, it is really hilarious and surprising.


The Times December 14th, 2015


Safia TL

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