Publié le 28 Janvier 2016

A reinvented Hitchcock


The 39 steps was played by the Dreampark Theatre Company on December 10th in London.

A story of love, murder, and investigation played in a funny way” would not be a fair description of the play. I absolutely have to talk about the three young actors who managed to play about twenty different characters, who each has their own personality. The difference between the number of actors and the number of characters adds a little something to the play; an original, funny and impressive thing. As they swap to different characters the actors also have to change their outfits between the scenes which are cut by extracts from Hitchcock's version of The 39 steps. Not only the actors' performance is outstanding but their organisation and coordination are extraordinary. This play is very pleasant to watch, it is a great moment for everyone.

Backstage Magazine December 14th, 2015


Sophie TL

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