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A drop of Britain in the Big Apple


Yesterday, I saw a British play entitled The 39 steps in a famous theater on Broadway.

It is the story of a man named Richard who is bored with his life in his London flat and decides to go to the theater and then a series of events will make him become a runaway who will try to pursue the mission of the mysterious spy Annabella.

The three actors played their roles perfectly mixing the different characters after changing their voices and their clothes. They know how to keep us interested with humor introduced in dramatic scenes and a good plot. Moreover, each character has their own originality and the setting is managed in a subtle way: while changing clothes, some movie scenes were broadcast on a screen.

At the end, the actors took some time to answer some questions, a nice and welcoming company was standing next to me. So, believe me. It is THE play to see !

Don't miss it!

The New York Times December 14th, 2015


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