Gwenn et Gwenaëlle

Publié le 8 Janvier 2015


       The War Gazette


A day in the trenches


During WWI thousands of heroes gave their lives for their families and their country. We are going to tell you about a day in the trenches.


                                 Soldiers in the trenches



The sun is rising. The soldiers have already woken up after a short night sleep. Hunger comes back but there is hardly anything to eat. Indeed, there is nothing in the trenches except mud and corpses, again and again. In the trenches, life is really boring. The soldiers always do the same thing: fight. And they try to survive. Sometimes, on a bad day, there are fights in the no man's land between two trenches. There is blood raining. Shouts, violence and death. After the fight, the few soldiers left return to the trenches. When there is something to eat, the soldiers don't know what it is...

The sun sets, another day has gone by, how many days left? Nobody smiles, we can see death in their eyes...

                                                                                                                    Monday, December 15th



Gwenaëlle – Gwenn 1L




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