Mathilde et Janick

Publié le 8 Janvier 2015


November 3rd 1914


My dearest John,


You left two months ago and I miss you. Days without you appear never-ending, your words, your smile, I miss them. Here, Brian is fine. Yesterday, he made his first step: it is so sad that you're not here to see our son growing up. My days are empty, there is only Brian who can distract me. But you know what? I'm two months pregnant.

What about you, how are you? I keep waiting for your letter but I am very worried because you promised me you would be back after a week but you're not here two months later. Brian is looking for you everywhere. I suppose he misses his father.

You don't say anything about the fight in your letters. You always talk about useless things, like your companion's last joke, or ask me to send you a new packet of cigarette because you don't have any left. Sometimes, I have the feeling that the eastern front is quite comfortable, that you do not suffer shortages of food and that you are fine over there, that fights are not so hard and that everything goes well.

I love you so much.





Mathilde – Janick 1L

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