Safia et Laura

Publié le 8 Janvier 2015


11 December 1917



My dear Matthew,


I hope that you are fine. I know that it is impossible because the conditions are terrible, I think, and I miss you so much. I want you to come back home. Here, everything is sad without you. When you were here, life was better than it is now. But you are fighting for the King, you are so brave. When I see that everyday soldiers die, I'm afraid. You must stay alive, for me, for your family. So fight, you have to remember the time with us to have the hope of achievement. I want to know... how you feel.

I remember when you were here. You were happy with me and our children. Now, I don't know but I love you my dear and I am looking forward to reading your next letter. I love you so much.




PS: Your daughter has drawn something for you...We hope it can help you to remember the life with us, and why you have to stay alive.


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