Louise et Anna

Publié le 8 Janvier 2015

The War Gazette


                                                                        A day in the trenches


In the morning, after a terrible night, they wake up, they have barely slept. They are covered in mud or dust because they sleep on the ground with rats sothey can't have a shower. They are hungry because they don't eat much. They are tired and weak because they are scared to death every minute, they hear the sound of bombs and guns but they are used to it.


In the afternoon, they fight, hidden in the trenches and they see all their companions dying next to them. They are hopeless: every minute alive is a miracle but the trenches are their shelter. At night, they think about their families and write letters and testimonies. Some of them are so desperate that they get hurt on purpose to be sent to hospital.


After witnessing these scenes, we can conclude that these men are heroes. They sacrifice themselves to defend their country, to protect their people. This is bravery and they are national heroes. They are alone in their struggle. They don't even know if they're going to come back home. They don't live any more. They are survivors.


Tuesday, March 17th 1917

Anna – Louise 1L





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