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Publié le 25 Janvier 2014


The translation of an extract from Utopia



The main difficulties were to translate unknown words or words that we had never seen before. To translate, we used "Reverso" or "Collins", but we know that it is not a very good translation... For example, when we type an English long sentence on the computer, the French translation is not correct. There are only a few words translated word by word but sometimes it means nothing.


Different translations...

Translation of the following sentence :

"Which verses the translator, according to his simple knowledge and mean understanding in the Utopian tongue, hath thus rudely in English."


  • Google's translation' :

    Qui par rapport au traducteur, selon sa connaissance simple et signifie la compréhension dans la langue utopique, Car ainsi grossièrement en anglais.


  • Our translation :

    Quels vers le traducteur, selon sa simple connaissance et compréhension de la langue utopienne, peut il traduire en anglais.”



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