Melinda - Louise

Publié le 15 Janvier 2015

Melinda - Louise

L'Utopie c'est l'apprentissage de plusieurs langues

Babel a séparé le peuple en plusieurs langues

Les personnes devront construire différentes cultures/sociétés

Voilà la raison pour laquelle différents peuples parlent différentes langues

What we learnt:

Mrs Bolduc came to tell us about Utopia and her life. She began to have interests in another languages when she heard her grandparents speak a foreign language as a kid. She traveled across the U.S for her studies, like Wisconsin, Arizona, Oregon and France etc... She speaks a lot of languages, like old French, Old French, German, Italian, Old English, English, Latin...

What we think:

It was very interesting to learn about her job and what she does; she travels and she translates poems and other books. The study of Utopia was interesting as well, we talked about Thomas More and Peter Bruegel and the idea of Utopia and Dystopia.

It is nice to know that people living in the USA ( for example) are interested in our French language.

Louise and Mélinda

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